Log in to Engine Yard Cloud and see bonus help!

When you next upgrade your Engine Yard Cloud environment, or deploy a new application, your SSH sessions will display new information! Here’s an example…

Last login: Tue Sep 25 14:47:03 PDT 2012 from on pts/0 Welcome to Engine Yard Cloud!

Applications: hurlit: cd /data/hurlit/current # go to the application root folder tail -f /data/hurlit/current/log/production.log # production logs cat /data/nginx/servers/hurlit.conf # current nginx conf

SQL database: cd /db # your attached DB volume

PostgreSQL: sudo tail -f /db/postgresql/9.1/data/pg_log/* pg_top -d hurlit

Inspect node data passed to chef cookbooks: sudo gem install jazor sudo jazor /etc/chef/dna.json sudo jazor /etc/chef/dna.json ‘applications.map {|app, data| [app, data.keys]}’

deploy@ip-1-2-3-4 ~ $

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. I know this has helped me out already — finding my way around and quickly diagnosing an issue.

Let me know by leaving a comment below; how has this helped you? Perhaps there are some other small niceties that could be added to make your day more awesome?

Keep an eye out for this SSH login message, it may change over time to teach you new and interesting things.