It’s All About Summer 2012

Happy Summer! We’ve recently come back from an awesome trip to Minneapolis for JRuby Conf (the slides and talks of which will be along soon enough), but our conference fun is only beginning. ###Deploycon 2012 June 13 | New York, NY

Come check out our table at Deploy Con and have some one-on-ones with Bridget Gleason, Dan Dupuis and Dixon Fiske. ###Structure June 20-21 | San Francisco, CA

If you’re in SF, come by GigaOM’s Structure at Mission Bay, where Kelsey Schimmelman, Ines Sombra and Jason Hansen will be hanging out. Grab swag and let them answer all of your queries. ###Ruby Lugdunum June 22-23 | Lyon, France

Heading to France for Ruby Lugdunum? Come listen to Thorben Schroeder talk about improving inter-service communication. You can also help me practice my very rusty French. ###Open Source Bridge June 26-29 | Portland, OR

###Lone Star PHP June 29-30 | Dallas, TX

If PHP is more your scene, hop on over to Texas to hear Davey Shafik talk about PHP 5.4 performance, as well as GWoo’s talk about Lithium. Elizabeth Naramore will also be around with tons of great swag, and of course her usual dazzling personality. ###Scottish Ruby June 29-30 | Edinburgh, Scotland

If you’re more of a Ruby person during this time, you can hang out with us at Scottish Ruby, where Andy Delcambre, Bridget Gleason and I will be on hand to talk shop, inform, and uncover the wonderful world of Scottish whiskies. ###Natron Baxter Gamification Workshop, Part Deux Los Angeles, CA

Gamification is more than just a buzzword. It’s a way of making your business even more interactive. The details are still being worked out for this one, but we’ll be collaborating with Natron Baxter again for another gamification workshop. The event will be in Los Angeles, so keep your eyes peeled for details as this unfolds.

In the meantime, pour yourself a glass of iced tea, lay in the sun and take a listen to our newest data-oriented podcast, featuring Andreas Kollegger of Neo Technology. See you soon!