How Are We Doing?

Here at Engine Yard, we love feedback. All kinds of feedback. We truly do want to know what you think about us, our Support, and our products and services. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and is critical in helping us make the right improvements.

About a year ago, we introduced a small feedback survey in our ticketing system. Now every time one of your tickets gets resolved, you have the chance to rate your experience and tell us about it.

In our on-going drive for transparency, we’d like to share some of that feedback with you.

Every day, we refresh this page to display the most recent 100 results. Each panda’s mood reflects how well we resolved the issue. Every week, we refresh the sidebar to show you actual customer quotes from these surveys.

The next time one of your tickets is solved, please take the time to answer the survey and tell us just how we did. We’d greatly appreciate it!

Click here to see the last 100 customer survey results!