High Availability: You Don’t Have To Do It Solo!

Are you currently running a solo instance in a production environment?__ Having your application and database co-located and on a single instance makes them vulnerable to outages. You can make your environment much more insulated by separating your application and database into separate instances and having them in different availability zones (Read all about availability zones, regions, and setting up a highly-available environment here!).

Single instance environments, commonly called a solo instance, are great for staging and development environments because they’ll save you money. You can boot up a single instance, and we’ll deploy both your application and your database to this instance. These types of environments are not, however, ideal for production because your database and application contend for the same system resources.

There is currently no zero-downtime option for moving from a solo instance to separate database and application instances. To do so you will need to start a new environment and boot a separate application and database instance from snapshots, or open a ticket with our support team to help you do the same.

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