Do You Know What Your Environment Is Up To?

This is an Engine Yard PSA for all of our customers to make sure you aware of and taking full advantage of the monitoring that is included with our platform! Here is an overview about Engine Yard Cloud’s monitoring:

Premium support customers can set up their environments to receive pages, phone calls, or emails, to an on-call schedule they configure using Pager Duty, plus our VNOC (virtual networking operations center) provides our application support engineers with your alerts so we can open proactive tickets and alert you to urgent issues.

We provide free New Relic standard for all Cloud accounts (and a free trial of New Relic premium for 14 days). Check it out and try it for free now! You can enable it on your dashboard by following these instructions.

Engine Yard also provides integration with the Fitter Happier gem to allow you to monitor uptime, amongst other things, and choose what URLs provide a good end-to-end test of your site so that it is being proactively monitored for you! If the application does not return a 200 OK HTTP response, an alert will be created and an email will be sent to the preconfigured email address. When the application comes back online, an email will be sent to confirm availability. More information here:

If you would like your application to be monitored by more than one provider, you can also set up your environment to be monitored by Pingdom! Instructions are here:

Engine Yard Support is here, as always, to answer any questions or lend any assistance you need getting your monitoring up to snuff. Just open a ticket at

Here’s to an incident free Holiday Season!

Thank you for being an Engine Yard Customer!