Database-less Environments is now GA

A few months ago we launched Database-less environments. This has been a very popular feature and today we are happy to announce its GA release. Please note that this feature is available only for customers who have upgraded their stack since May 15, 2012.

New environments will show you the ‘No Database’ option under the list of available databases. Selecting this option will provide you with an environment that has no db_master (or db_slaves). You can still have data persistence in your app by either creating a database using custom recipes, or using one of our database add-ons. ###We have a new database add-on and custom recipes updates A new datastore has been added to our Add-on Program (login required). Treasure Data is a Hadoop-based cloud data warehousing solution. You can easily set up a cluster, store logs from your application, and analyze them through a SQL-like query language. Treasure Data provides up to 500GB of raw data for free so give them a try and let us know what you think.

We have added a new recipe to enable you to use Amazon’s Relational Database (RDS) on our platform and also improved our custom recipe for MongoDB by adding Mongoid support, installing the binary from our portage tree, and fine tuning some configuration settings. Please update your fork of this repository to incorporate our improvements. Note that if you have an existing MongoDB cluster, you need to test the new recipe on your staging environment first because the incorporation of the –directoryperdb flag changes the way data is saved to the disk.

We hope you continue enjoying our database-less environments, and thank you for your feedback!