Announcing Engine Yard Buffalo

Engine Yard is excited to announce the opening of its office in Buffalo, NY on October 1, 2012! The Buffalo space is our premier East Coast office and will join the ranks of our other hubs in San Francisco, Portland, Dublin and Tokyo.

The office will be staffed by members of the engineering and support teams including Wayne Seguin and his development team, Quality Assurance Specialist and Software Engineer Long Nguyen, Support Engineer and Community Activist PJ Hagerty and Database Support Engineer Tyler Poland. While starting small, the team is expected to grow just as the Western New York team has grown over the last few years.

Having an office in Buffalo gives Engine Yard the unique opportunity to open up shop on the East Coast and firmly implant itself near the Western hub of the State University of New York, University of Buffalo. This will enable the company to engage with the University community, reach out to students interested in programming or systems administration and become more active in the local development and Open Source communities.

In keeping with our strong allegiance to Community, Engine Yard also plans to be a forum various tech groups in the office, starting with WNYRuby Brigade shortly after the office opens.

We want the Buffalo office to serve as a space where like-minded developers and tech enthusiasts to gather and share ideas, give presentations and lightning talks, and socialize. We’re also excited to host awesome programs such as KidsRuby for local elementary school students. We are very excited about the opening of Engine Yard Buffalo and hope to meet everyone in the upcoming few months. We’d love to show you offerings here on the East Coast.

About PJ Hagerty

Developer, writer, speaker, musician, and Team Lead of an elite band known as the Engine Yard Community Team, PJ is known to travel the world speaking about programming and the way people think and interact. He is also known for wearing hats.