Try AppCloud Risk-free!

I love Engine Yard’s AppCloud product; I love the Engineering and Support teams around it; and I love hearing from happy customers via emails, Twitter and support tickets. We have thousands of customers to date, and with today’s news below, hopefully you or someone you know can try out AppCloud for the first time - without risk and without a credit card. I hope you love AppCloud too!

Have you ever wanted to try out Engine Yard AppCloud? Pick one of your current Rails/Sinatra/Rack applications and try it on AppCloud for free. Or if you don’t yet have an application of your own, try it with the open source Fat Free CRM application. (see recent video) How free is “free”? Once you create your new AppCloud account, you can launch your application(s) on a High-CPU instance with 2 virtual cores and 1.7GB of memory for up to 500 hours - for free. Yeah, I know. To put this another way, we aren’t giving you 500 hours of underpowered toy compute power, we want you to test-drive AppCloud with the same configuration that many of our customers use for their production applications. ###Want more horsepower or more time? When you need more horsepower, or want a larger cluster for your application, it’s simple to upgrade your trial account with the Upgrade Account button below:

When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll ask you for your credit card details and you’ll be off and running. ###Migrating data to AppCloud If you already have an existing application running on another provider that you would like to use for your trial, you might want to check out ey-migrate, a tool that makes it super easy to migrate applications to Engine Yard AppCloud. If you want any help with it, drop a note in the issues tracker. ###Can you use this for your customers? Personally, I think this is ideal for our Development Partners and Rails consultancies. You can bundle 500 hours of production AppCloud deployment with your services. Phil Misiowiec, founder and lead engineer of Webficient (an Engine Yard partner) shared this with us:

“Engine Yard is making it easier for partners to demonstrate the power of deploying Ruby on Rails apps in the cloud to new clients. We can now offer our customers a free evaluation, so they can experience fast and easy deployment on AppCloud. We can also start coding instantly and worry about the accounting later - as well as take advantage of the upfront cost savings.” ###Is this for existing customers too? From the FAQ, all customers who created an AppCloud account between March 1 and April 5 2011 will receive an AppCloud coupon for a value equivalent to 500 hours of a Medium instance.

###Need help getting started? If you’d like to ask a technical question or get some support help creating your account and deploying your applications, please email our PANDAs. That’s right, we have Pandas. Polite Agents of Non-Destructive Assimilation. They work for us to help you. Sign up for an account now and give Engine Yard AppCloud a try. If you’re already a fan, share the news with your developer friends and encourage them to give it a try as well!