Steppin’ Out: Real America Edition

Greetings, faithful Rubyists! It’s August, and the conference scene is about to blow up–we’re fresh from Washington D.C., where we were pleased to participate in JRubyConf 2011! There were many talented and engaged people at that conference, and presentations by the JRuby core team were nice bookends for a great roster of speakers. We’d like to thank the good people at EdgeCase for all their hard work, and give a special shout-out to Amazon Web Services, who sponsored the now-legendary whisky tasting.

Going forward, we’ve got some awesome events to cap off your summer, the first of which is Madison Ruby, starting on August 18. Experience the vibrant Madison Ruby community, and make sure to stop by for the “Killer After-Party” (details forthcoming–keep your eye on @madisonruby). Madison will feature talks by Engine Yard’s Charles Nutter, as well as Chicks Who Rip alum Renee De Voursney and many more.

Next up August 31-September 2 is Rocky Mountain Ruby, which promises to merge great technical presentations with “outdoor experiences!” An epic party will ensue in the taproom of craft brewery Avery’s. Purchase your tickets now, before they sell out, and enjoy the natural splendor of Boulder, Colorado.

It’s always great to come home to San Francisco, and GoGaRuCo makes it twice as nice. This year’s Golden Gate Ruby Conference will take place from September 16-17 at the Mission Bay Conference Center. Wes Beary will be speaking, alongside Corey Haines and Ron Evans.

Finally, be sure to check out WindyCityRails on September 17 in Chicago. This event will feature an excellent slew of speakers, lightning talks, and a Groupon Octagon and Obtiva Coding Dojo. On September 16 the day before the conference, Engine Yard and Obtiva will host a day long Introduction to Rails taught by Gregg Pollack, from Code School & Envy Labs. The tutorial will start with a live version of Rails for Zombies followed by a second Zombie Rails tutorial (which has not yet been published). It’s only 85 bucks–you can register here.

If you do make it out to these events, keep your eyes peeled for Engine Yard folks! It’s always our pleasure to hang out with you guys.