Steppin’ Out: June Events

Our first order of business is to thank everyone who attended RailsConf for making our time in Baltimore a blast. Without you joining us for the festivities, it would not have been the same. From Ignite RailsConf, RailsConf, and the DevOps game, to the JRuby Hackfest, Rubinius office hours and EventMachine RubyConf, we had an amazing time. This is owed in large part to all of you excellent folks in our Ruby and Rails community.

But even after the blow-out extravaganza that was RailsConf, we haven’t lost steam. We never sleep! Hot on the tails of GoRuCo last weekend (also as amazing time as expected), we’re gearing up for a long, hot summer filled with awesome events. We’ll kick off with a crew of Engine Yard folks in attendance at Velocity in Santa Clara, CA June 14-16. If you’ll be there and want to say hi be sure to give Ed Muller a shout.

Then we’re headed to Nordic Ruby in Gothenburg, Sweden from June 16-18. Our own Randall Thomas will be speaking, accompanied by the likes of Tom Preston-Werner, Aaron Patterson, Paul Campbell and more. Registration ends Monday, June 13, so don’t miss out!

After our Swedish sojourn, we’ll bring it back home to the Bay Area, where we are pleased to be participating in both the AWS Summit and GigaOM Structure. We also be hosting CloudNite SF, a mini-CloudCamp at Engine Yard headquarters the night of Wednesday, June 23 as part of the Structure festivities!

And finally, don’t miss JRuby core committer Nick Sieger, who will be in fine form this month, giving not one, but two talks at JAX Conf San Jose. Then he’ll be presenting at the monthly SF Bay Area JRuby Meetup on June 23 at LinkedIn Mountain View.

Hope you can join us in June!