PostgreSQL 9 Support in Alpha

We are happy to announce that we have made PostgreSQL 9 available in Alpha to AppCloud customers who want to give it a try. Customers looking for additional database choices who are interested in the features offered by PostgreSQL 9 (current version is 9.0.4) should enroll in the alpha program. Also, we are currently working towards our Beta release, which will be available to all customers, and we want to include as much of your feedback as possible to make this a great feature!

In addition to taking advantage of the stability, robustness, and feature set offered by PostgreSQL 9, customers using Rails 3.1 can take advantage of significant speed gains with PostgreSQL over MySQL. At RailsConf 2011, Aaron Patterson talked about the use of cached prepared statements in Rails 3.1, which provide a significant boost for PostgreSQL.

If you would like to try PostgreSQL in Alpha:

  • Review the documentation, noting the current limitations for this Alpha release. These are important to be aware of before you request Alpha access.
  • Request access.

Once you’ve been granted Alpha access, refer back to the documentation for instructions on how to set up PostgreSQL 9 on your environment. Have some fun with it and let us know what you think! You can provide feedback by creating a discussion on the ey-beta-talk mailing list.