MySQL 5.5 and 5.1 Support in Alpha

A couple weeks ago, Engine Yard’s Data Team announced their plans to push new data solutions for our customers. We are happy to announce that MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.1 are available in Alpha! You can sign up for either or both versions released.

MySQL 5.1 Alpha (Percona Server v5.1.55) features

MySQL 5.5 Alpha (Percona Server v5.5.13) adds

  • Semi-synchronous replication
  • New partitioning enhancements
  • Speed improvements for InnoDB recovery
  • Additional information

Percona is a leader in MySQL performance optimization. They deliver enhanced drop-in replacements for MySQL that allow you to run queries faster and more consistently. We are very proud to bring Percona to our stack and we think you’ll love them too. See Percona’s feature comparisons for more details.

Many of you have been asking for this upgrade and we could not be more excited to put it into your hands. As we noted earlier, releasing these updated versions of MySQL will enable us to deliver improved replication, backups, and fail-over tools. We will continue to update everyone as we roll those tools out as well. To sign up for MySQL 5.x in Alpha, please request access here. Documentation can be found here. Give it a whirl and please share any feedback with the Google Group.

Note: We always recommend that you test new components in a staging environment before using them in your production application. For our customers with large databases using MySQL 5.0, please stay tuned for detailed documentation on upgrading your database to the new MySQL 5.5.