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First things first, Rubinius 2.0 is coming along swimmingly. Next, we need your help. Namely, we need you to run your code on Rubinius and send us some data about the hows and wherefores. So, without further ado, the Rubinius team and Engine Yard hereby declare__ Friday, August 5, 2011 the inaugural #rbxday.__ Participating in #rbxday will be super, duper simple. We'll have a set of instructions and sample workflows covering how to run your code (gems, Rails sites, etc) on Rubinius available on the #rbxday website on the day of. We'll provide a simple way to collect your bug reports and performance data to send off to us. That data will help us make Rubinius even more awesome for you and your code. We're making it a collective event... and a fun time. Take pictures of you and your partners-in-crime testing and running your code. If you've got a Rubinius shirt, wear it on that day. Tweet about it. Blog about it. Add your photos to the Flickr photo group rbxday. Make sure you're looking your best in the photos because we'll be picking a winner for our favorite #rbxday glamourshot. Tweet them using the hashtag #rbxday and we'll announce the winning photo Monday, August 8, 2011 on the [Engine Yard Facebook page]( We'll have a nifty prize for the winner too, so make sure your pic is goofy, sultry, or otherwise impressive. Bonus points for creativity. Head on to the #rbxday website for the full story: You might have seen previously that #rbxday was Friday, July 15, 2011. Well, our compañero Evan Phoenix and his wife Abby just had a beautiful baby daughter named Zoe. He's taking some time off of the Nerd Work™ while he learns how to be a father. Because we want him to be a part of #rbxday, we're postponing it to __August 5, 2011__. Mark (or re-mark) your calendars. Thanks for your understanding. Links for further reader exploration:

See you on soon. Wear your party-hat and party-pants!