It’s All About JRuby

On the tails of an excellent San Francisco JRuby meetup last night, we’re delighted to be heading to JavaOne in a few weeks. JavaOne is October 2-5 and is held right in our backyard in downtown San Francisco. The multi-track conference is devoted to innovative developments and cutting edge implementations of Java. Naturally, we’ll be dishing up all the sweet, sweet JRuby goodness you can handle.

Nick Sieger will be kicking it off right on Monday, October 3 with a talk about how you can add Ruby agility to your Java web stack.

On Tuesday night, October 4, be sure to stop by Engine Yard HQ around 7:30 for even more face time with the JRuby core team at our JavaOne after-party. Socialize with your fellow conference-goers and JRuby enthusiasts of all kinds at our rooftop penthouse. Don’t miss special presentations by JRuby experts–drinks, snacks and networking will follow.

On Wednesday, October 5 our own Jacob Lehrbaum and Mike Piech will give you the inside scoop on how to leverage JRuby in your cloud-centric business. Tom Enebo, Charles Nutter and Dr Nic Williams will also be out and about repping JRuby, so don’t be afraid to stop by the Engine Yard booth to discuss this awesome technology with the foremost experts over a beer. Great giveaways and prizes await!

JRuby will also be a contender again this year in the JavaOne Script Bowl! With competitors weighing in from the Clojure, Groovy and Scala sides, we need the community behind us to give JRuby the righteous victory it deserves. Come check it out on Wednesday, October 5 at 8:30am at the Hilton San Francisco, and judge for yourself which scripting language supplements your Java platform best. Support Dr Nic and the JRuby core team as they show off the latest and greatest in JRuby.

Lastly, for any interested JRubyists who missed the JRuby Jam virtual session last week, you can now watch the full presentation and view the slides.

JRuby Jam Session from Engine Yard on Vimeo. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating JRuby virtually, or better yet, in-person!

*I <3 JRuby shirt photo courtesy of Flickr user veganstraightedge.