It’s All About 2012

Happy (almost) New Year! 2011 was certainly a year for the books in terms of Ruby, node.js, PHP, Rubinius and JRuby, but we already know that 2012 will be even greater. ###[Codemash]( _January 11-13 | Sandusky, OH_ We're kicking off the year by hosting Codemash's after-party in Sandusky, Ohio. We're very excited to be heading out of San Francisco and into the frosty Mid-West winter, especially to hear [Evan Machnic ]( at CodeMash about Rails development on Windows. Crazy right?! You'll have to be there to believe it. We'll also have an awesome booth at CodeMash with brand new Engine Yard swag, including t-shirts. Come say hello and check them out! ###[SF JRuby Meetup]( _January 19 | San Francisco, CA_ Then it's back to San Francisco for the SF JRuby Meetup to hear Xavier Shay and Steve Connover talk about Square's use of JRuby. Xavier and Steve will present the history of JRuby at Square, an epic quest that saw our protagonists face the demons of Kirk, Mizuno, Jetty, Neo4j, threads, startup times, and cross-Ruby compatibility, before emerging victorious with a setup fit for the gods. This event will take place at Engine Yard's headquarters on January 19th at 6:30 pm. ###Neo for Ruby-Jay Meetup _January 12 | San Francisco, CA_ January's Neo for Ruby-Jay Meetup will also take place at our headquarters on January 12. Andreas Kolleger will dive into the current options of building and deploying a Ruby app backed by Neo4j. We know that that '4j' might look a bit suspicious, but we promise that it'll be awesome. ###[LessConf]( _February 23-24 | Atlanta, GA_ We'll also be hosting LessConf's after-party in Atlanta, Georgia. Come check out summer camp for startups in the middle of winter! If you are forward thinking about Ruby on Rails, inspired and like puppies, you're not going to want to miss out on this cool conference. ###[JRuby Conf]( _May 21-23 | Minneapolis, MN_ Finally, we're already starting to gear up for JRubyConf 2012. [Early Bird tickets are on sale]( until January 25th, so get yours now! And if you'd like to sponsor or speak, please email []( This will be the fourth year of the conference, and is going to be biggest and best yet.
With all the great events we've got planned in 2012, we can't imagine a better way to ring in the new year.