Introduce a friend to Rails

This post has one purpose. I want you to bring a friend to the Introduction to Ruby on Rails training day on September 16th in Chicago. Code School’s Gregg Pollack, of Rails for Zombies fame, is leading this day-long session, and it promises to deliver. Heck, bring two friends. Make sure they’re cute.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk more about your cute friend, and why he or she should join us.

In my role as director of training at Engine Yard, I have heard two phrases again and again. The first goes something like this:

“We need to hire Rails programmers, but they are hard to find, and expensive.”

The second phrase is the other side of the coin:

“Rails is awesome! I have so many opportunities!”

In the short run this is good news for the Rails guru. The labor curves drawn by your freshman Economics professor illustrate the benefit. An intersection of a low point on the labor supply curve with a high point on the demand curve means a solid income for all of us.

In the long run, and assuming the pressure to deliver web applications remains constant, there are some different economic models to consider. Even without innovation in other languages, a decrease in productivity due to talent acquisition costs will lead to fewer Rails projects over time. Alternatively, an influx of new Ruby on Rails programmers will help meet current and future demand.

To put it simply, if we love Ruby on Rails, which we do, it is in our interest to recruit new blood. It will grow the community, keep things thriving, and give us more warm fuzzies than the GDP of all the OPEC nations combined.

By the way. Gregg’s session is followed by the WindyCityRails conference the next day. Does this not have the makings of a serious road trip?

If Rails is your religion, get your PHP and Java followers, and start the pilgrimage to Chicago, a city of great food, awesome pubs, and home to more Nobel Prize laureate Economists than any other city in the world.

Note: If you’re interested in attending or hosting an Intro to Rails course (and the Zombies) in your city, get in touch.

Additional Note: Thanks to Obtiva for providing the space for this awesome event!

Yet Another Note: Cover image of May I Bring a Friend was included with permission from Perfection Learning.