fog 2011 Halftime Show

Everything has been going stunningly for fog this year. Now that we have reached the halfway mark (and 0.10.0), it seems we are overdue for an update. ###Since Last Episode

Since the last update in mid-March a lot has changed. A new, stronger focus on documentation has helped clarify things alongside many, many fixes and improvements. In addition to fixing the old stuff we have also added support for a number of new services:

  • AWS Autoscaling was added (tests)
  • AWS CloudWatch was added (tests)
  • AWS Simple Notification Service was added (tests)
  • AWS Simple Queue Service was added (tests)
  • DNSMadeEasy DNS service was added (examples)
  • Linode Compute was expanded with models (tests)
  • Ninefold Compute (tests)
  • Ninefold Storage (tests)
  • OpenStack Compute Support (utilizing Rackspace Implementation)
  • OpenStack Rackspace Support (utilizing Rackspace Implementation)
  • vCloud 1.0 (tests)


In addition to the codebase, growth and stability have also dominated the userbase. Since the beginning of the year there have been huge gains across the board. We started the year at 50,000 downloads and have now reached 180,000 downloads. Our 860 followers have increased to 1360, 100 forks to 225, and 40 contributors to 105.The most important change may be the number of commiters. At the start of the year I was the sole committer. Since then I have kept a careful eye out for dedicated contributors. There are now 8 of us. These awesome commiters are: Brian Hartsock, Christopher Oliver, Dylan Egan, Henry Addison, Aaron Suggs, Lincoln Stoll, Luqman Amjad, Nick Ricketts, Nick Osborn, Paul Thornthwaite. I thank them all and encourage you to do the same (HINT: high fives are awesome).

###fog 2011 World Tour

I just returned from OSCON, but there are still plenty of chances to catch up this year. I’ll be speaking at Lone Star Ruby Conf V August 11-13th, Golden Gate Ruby Conference September 16-17th, and Strange Loop September 18-19th. Finally for the cherry on top of a busy conference season, I’ll be attending RubyConf September 29-October 1st. So, be sure to find me to help answer fog questions, or to offer high fives.


The hits keep coming and I expect we will continue to see new providers appear as new competitors emerge and people become interested in trying the latest and greatest. Beyond that there is still plenty of work to be done to improve the consistency between some of the providers and consolidating the shared feature set. You can expect more great stuff that you have grown accustomed to, but what else might await?

A lot of that is in your hands. What other services would you like to see abstracted? Should there be a CLI? How about RESTFUL web service? Should we convert the shindo tests to minitest? These are just a few of the many questions I am focused on answering as we continue to move the project forward. This is a great time to get involved and cast your vote. You can find all kinds of information about getting involved on the ever expanding Let me know what you think!