Engine Yard Cloud Out Loud S01E17: Pivotal Labs

This week on Cloud Out Loud we interview [Josh Knowles](https://github.com/joshknowles), NYC Rubyist and Managing Director of Pivotal Labs New York. We discuss [Gotham Ruby Conf](http://goruco.com/) (GoRuCo), the New York Ruby conference that Josh helps put on. Josh also tells us that he might try and convince one of the other organizers to dress up like Batman this year to reiterate the theme of the event. We also cover the hiring process at Pivotal, and the reasoning behind their interview methodology. Then Dr Nic goes off on a tangent about the E3 Visa arrangement between Australia and the US. If there are any amazing Australian Rubyists out there that want to come work in San Francisco or anywhere else in the US, then they should really take advantage of it. Load Podcast Some interesting stuff to check out: