Engine Yard Cloud Out Loud S01E15: Chicago Ruby

This week on Cloud Out Loud we talk with Ray Hightower of WisdomGroup. Ray tells us about how he got into doing Rails development while he was doing networking with Novell and Microsoft Windows NT. He is very active in the Chicago Ruby community and is an organizer for Chicago Ruby, WindyCityRails, WindyCityDB, and WindyCityGo. Ray gives us some insight into how he orchestrates great events that people are excited to attend, and that continue to grow in size each year. We found out there is even a github repo created by the people at Chicago Ruby to document how they organized the conference. They’ve got their event execution and planning down to an art.

If you want to experience the Chicago tech scene for yourself, WindyCityGo is coming up April 9. There are some great talks lined up. If you register by Monday, March 21 you can snag a ticket at an early bird price and save yourself $80! Check out the lineup and register before the discount expires here. Now, just think how many Chicago hot dogs you can treat yourself to with that 80 bucks you saved…

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