Engine Yard Cloud Out Loud S01E11: Hashrocket…err…RightBonus

In January, Obie sat down with Dr. Nic to talk about his new book, [_The Rails 3 Way_](http://www.amazon.com/Rails-Way-Addison-Wesley-Professional-Ruby/dp/0321601661), and to offer advice about how developers can start their own consultancies. Little did we know that the day before the release of this podcast, Obie would also be [announcing his transition](http://blog.obiefernandez.com/content/2011/02/since-i-finally-got-my-launchrock-invite.html) to a new venture: revolutionary startup [RightBonus](http://rightbonus.com/). In this edition, we ask Obie for his opinion on whether Zed Shaw will ever come back to the Ruby community (we think you can make a guess as to his answer). In the end, things get personal when Dr. Nic asks the burning question: Did Obie really propose to his fiancé via Twitter? Inquiring minds want to know. _The Rails 3 Way_ is coming soon to R(*)TFM. If you don't want to miss it, sign-up for the discount books and screencast e-mail list to be notified about new Ruby and Cloud educational resources available to you on the cheap! Next week on Cloud Out Loud we talk with Michael Wolfe. We discuss his path to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and learn a bit about [ccLoop](http://www.ccloop.com/), a new stealth startup, that just raised 3.5 million led by Benchmark Capital.

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