Engine Yard Cloud Out Loud S01E04: And Then There Was Engine Yard

This week on Cloud Out Loud, Danish Khan interviews Tom Mornini, co-founder of this fine conglomeration of hardworking people that we call Engine Yard. I found his insights into business and tech very compelling. His profound passion for Ruby on Rails really comes through when he speaks about the evolution of Engine Yard as a necessary reaction to the explosive growth of the community. We all know that Ruby developers are committed to pragmatism and efficiency, and Tom’s no-BS attitude is a reflection of the values that make this ecosystem a great thing to be a part of. Thanks, Tom, for reminding our listeners why Engine Yard exists–quite simply, because we love Ruby on Rails.

Tune in to get a taste of Tom’s ethos.

Check out this awesome video of Tom declaring Engine Yard officially out of the hardware business.