AWS Multi-Region Support in Alpha

UPDATE: We’re happy to announce that as of May 13, 2011 all Engine Yard AppCloud customers now have access to Multi-Region. With Multi-Region you can deploy instances in any of the Amazon EC2 Regions, including US East, US West, Europe, Singapore, and Japan.

We’re happy to announce AWS Multi-Region support is, at long last, available in Alpha for our AppCloud customers to test drive. Why do we think this announcement will pique your interest? To put it simply, you’re now able to host and manage your applications in an Amazon AWS region closer to your core customer base. Take your pick from US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Northern California), Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and the just launched Asia Pacific (Japan).

If you'd like to trial Multi-Region in Alpha: * Begin by reviewing the [documentation](, noting in particular the current limitations for this Alpha release. These are important to be aware of before you request Alpha access. * Then, go ahead and [request access]( Once you've been granted Alpha access, refer back to the [documentation]( for a walk-through on how to select an alternate region. Using Multi-Region for existing applications/environments will require migration. Fret not! The documentation includes a tutorial on migrating from the existing region (US East) to one of the new alternatives. If you encounter any issues with the Multi-Region feature, we want to know. You can help us continue to improve this feature by creating a discussion on the new [ey-beta-talk]( mailing list. We think we're on to something special here. We hope you're as excited about it as we are!