AppCloud Dashboard Design Updates

Last week we rolled out a major application-centric UI redesign for our Dashboard, which lays the foundation for many awesome features coming down the path. We’re very excited about where the user experience is headed, and we look forward to all the improvements we have planned which will allow people to manage their clusters and applications more easily.

However, we realize that not everyone is as happy about this initial step as we were. Our excitement to show off our changes led us to ship something that isn’t up to our usual standards of excellence, and for that we very sincerely apologize.

We are definitely listening to the feedback we’ve received through emails, Twitter, support requests, and comments here on the blog. We are prioritizing the most painful issues and plan to address them as soon as possible.

The list of immediate improvements include:

  • Adding an instance summary for each environment on the dashboard so you can see what is running.
  • Ensuring that the status indicator for environments and instances reflects the appropriate state.
  • Showing stack updates on the dashboard index so you can see environments that need updates.
  • Making active alerts for your environments more visible.
  • Simplifying the process to add an application to a new environment.
  • Clarifying when you are viewing a production environment.
  • Placing the deploy button front and center on the new dashboard.
  • Giving prominence to all applications running on an environment.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, we believe that these are the most important issues to address. However, we would love to hear from you if you have any additional feedback or suggestions for the new interface.

Again, we want to apologize for the frustration we’ve caused. We have many features planned which are built on top of this redesign and we hope they will more than make up for it!