Adding Apps and Environments

The time has come! Today we’re rolling out the unified New Application & New Environment workflow that Jina wrote about last week.

Based on internal user interviews, we think the biggest cognitive shift comes when deploying an existing application to a new environment for staging or development purposes. In the past, you needed to create a new, empty environment and then manually attach the app from within that environment’s Applications tab. From now on, you can use the “Add Environment” tool on the Applications index (see below).

For daredevils who want to deploy more than one application on an environment, there is an “Add to Existing Environment” button when AppCloud asks for new environment information (see below). Be sure you understand all the pitfalls before attempting this method.

One last thing: we’ve also implemented some pretty new form styles that, thanks to Josh Pyle’s Uniform jQuery plugin, should render with enviable consistency across different platforms and browsers. Thanks, Josh!