RailsConf, Here We Come!

It’s another year, and time for another RailsConf! The Engine Yard crew is on-site in force, as usual, and we’re excited to meet you! We’re set up right in the center of the Exhibit Hall, with swag, demos, and a gaggle of Rails experts who’d love to meet you.

On the schedule we’ve got Keynotes from Yehuda Katz and Evan Phoenix (Engine Yard’s Open Source Love Affair), along with talks from Andre Arko (Bundler: Painless Dependency Management), Evan Phoenix and Charles Nutter (Ruby’s Dark and Dusty Corners + Rubinius 1.0), Jon Crosby (Engine Yard’s Community Powered Cloud) and last but not least, Nick Sieger (Rails 3 + JRuby: Awesome Framework, Awesome Platform)—so whether you’re looking to get up to date on JRuby, Rubinius, Rails 3 or anything else, we’ve got all the info you’ll need.

Got a question about your app or setup? Curious about Rails 3? We’ve got engineers, sales reps, support techs—all on site and waiting to help. Just want the latest n’ greatest Engine Yard tee (new design!)? We’ve got that too, complete with awesome attendee giveaways!

Stop by and say hello—we’ll see you there!