JRubyConf Speaker Lineup and Events

Great news, things are coming together nicely for JRubyConf 2010, taking place October 1-3 in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve got some exciting event updates we want to share with you as we’re just a couple weeks away from the big event.

First, we’ve finalized the speaker lineup. We’ve got a stellar group of folks joining us. We’re just tickled pink that such a great crew will be participating at the second annual JRubyConf. Now, check out these superstars for yourself . . .

  • Ola Bini, The JRuby Testing Story
  • David Bock &, Arild Shirazi, JRuby - Making the World Safe For Democracy
  • Thomas Enebo, Java in Ruby: Suntory Time
  • Chad Fowler & Rich Kilmer, So You Think You Need a Rewrite?
  • Jeremy Hinegardner, Extending JRuby
  • Keavy McMinn, Must. Try. Harder.
  • Charles Nutter, Ruboto: JRuby on Android
  • Bernerd Schaefer, Bringing Java to the Ruby World
  • Nick Sieger, Rails 3 with A Double-Shot of JRuby
  • Brian Swan, Mocks Suck (and what to do about it)
  • Glenn Vanderburg, Real Software Engineering
  • Jim Weirich, Testing - Why Don’t We Do It Like This?

We’ve also got some great hands-on tutorials in the works. Tutorials will take place Friday, October 1 and are the perfect opportunity for you to delve in and learn from the experts in a more personalized setting. Tutorials include:

  1. JRuby and Rails from the Ground Up with Nick Sieger, Matt Yoho & Marc Peabody
  2. Digging into Rails 3 with Chris Nelson, Doug Alcorn
  3. Ruby Koans (Introduction to Ruby) with Jim Weirich & Joe O’Brien

Last but not least, we’ve also got some fun events planned for interested folks. We hope you can join us for one, or better yet - both!

JRubyConf 5K Run
Friday, October 1
evening time TBA

Whiskey Event
Saturday, October 2
evening time TBA

If you’re interested in partaking in JRubyConf 2010 - fret not, you’ve still got time! Seats are filling up, but you can still register now to join us for one of the most unique events of the year. To take a look at complete conference session and tutorial descriptions, visit the event site.

See you in Columbus!