Introducing JRubyConf 2010

We’re excited to join forces with our friends at EdgeCase to co-host the second annual JRubyConf, taking place October 1-3 at Quest Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio. This year, we’ve expanded the event to include three days of JRuby-filled goodness. JRubyConf will showcase the growing use of Ruby in the enterprise while also highlighting elements of the Java language that Ruby developers can benefit from via JRuby.

We’ve got a fantastic speaker lineup including: Tom Enebo, Chad Fowler, Jeremy Hinegardner, Rich Kilmer, Keavy McMinn, Charles Nutter, Joe O’Brien, Nick Sieger, Brian Swan, Glenn Vanderburg, Jim Weirich, and more to be announced soon. If you’re curious about what JRuby can do for you, or if you’re someone who has been using it for years - join us! We’ve got something for everyone.

JRubyConf will begin with Java and Ruby specific talks before progressing to more advanced sessions that demonstrate the possibilities of using both languages with JRuby - all focused on bringing the Ruby and Java communities together in a collaborative environment to share best development practices.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to JRuby
  • How to use Java in Ruby applications
  • Best practices for introducing Ruby to Java development teams
  • Effectively managing large agile teams that use Ruby
  • Large scale testing with Ruby
  • How to scale Ruby on Rails

Our growing sponsor list includes EdgeCase, 8th Light, ELC Technologies, Kinetic Data, O’Reilly, Terremark, and WyeWorks.

Registration is now open. Take advantage of an early bird discount for registration before September 1. If you would like information on user group discounts, give us a shout!

To register to attend or to participate as a sponsor, visit the JRubyConf event site. Follow @JRubyConf on Twitter to stay on top of announcements.

Hope you can join us in Columbus!