Engine Yard University, Rails, and the Lucky 13

Engine Yard University is offering a virtual training class, 13 days from today, on December 20th. The Zero to Rails 3 training course provides a strong foundation for programmers interested in joining the ranks of our awesome Rails community.

The class will be led by Abie Hadjitarkhani, a colleague I met 13 years ago through Allaire Corporation, the folks behind ColdFusion. Tools like Perl, ASP, and ColdFusion brought developers, like Abie and me, into the age of the Internet, and gave us a baseline for understanding why Ruby is now the language of the Cloud.

A sample of our attendee list shows a ton of Ruby / Rails interest among Java engineers. Maybe this is due to the momentum of JRuby, a technology for programmers wanting to use Ruby while leveraging a decade’s worth of Java libraries. If you use Java, it is a great time to check out Ruby, improve your skills, marketability, and hourly rate! For an overview of JRuby check out Nick Sieger’s JRuby Webinar next week. He’ll explain what Ruby, Rails and JRuby can do to make your life easier as a Java developer.

To sign up for the four day virtual training course, visit the Zero to Rails 3 registration page.

Here are 13 topics we will delve into during 4 jam packed days:

  1. Local Development
  2. Gems
  3. Ruby
  4. Test Driven Development
  5. Views, Helpers & Layouts
  6. Models in depth
  7. Controllers, CRUD, and REST
  8. Configuration
  9. Mailers
  10. Plugins
  11. Metrics & Instrumentation
  12. Debugging
  13. Caching

If you have questions about the virtual training, or other Engine Yard University offerings, email training@engineyard.com. We hope you’ll join us to learn more about why Ruby is the language of the Cloud.

Note: Thanks to Lucky 13 Apparel for permission to use their logo.