Engine Yard Cloud Out Loud S01E02: Tammer Saleh

If you thought we couldn’t do any better than Dr. Nic, you need to listen to our interview with Tammer Saleh. Tammer was one of the Runner Ups for the top ten sexiest geeks of 2010. Who could be more attractive than this guy? Stay tuned to see if he makes the list for 2011…

Tammer’s Interview

Engine Yard Cloud Out Loud

In this podcast, Josh Hamilton talks with Tammer about Test Driven Development and Rails AntiPatterns, the new book he co-authored with Chad Pytel. If you’re interested in checking out the book, you’re in luck. As Randall mentioned in his R(*)TFM post, we’ve worked out a 35% discount for you all. To snag the discount, purchase the print or ebook here using coupon code ANTIPATTERNS at checkout.

Since folks seem excited about Rails AntiPatterns, we got a hold of a couple more to giveaway. If you want one, we’re giving some away on Twitter. To win a free book:

  • Follow @engineyard on Twitter
  • Retweet our original tweet linking to this post
  • Tweet why you *need* this book (creativity and humor encouraged) using hashtags #engineyard #RTFM

We’ll DM winners early next week. Good luck and enjoy!