Congratulations Are in Order!

Carl LercheNew Rails Core
Team member Carl Lerche

Some of you may not have noticed, but over Presidents Day weekend two new faces slipped on to the official Rails Core Team roster; we’d like to congratulate Carl Lerche and José Valim on all their hard work this last year!

2009 was a tremendous year for Rails, and we’re finally nearing the finish line with Rails 3. Both Carl and José spent a tremendous amount of time working on Rails 3, and were key factors in getting the codebase as far as it’s come. Without a doubt, Rails wouldn’t be where it is without their efforts.

We’re proud and pleased to have both Carl and José on the Engine Yard open source team, as well as the rest of the dedicated engineers working on Engine Yard-supported open source Ruby projects: Yehuda Katz and Mikel Lindsaar on Rails, Evan Phoenix and Brian Ford on Rubinius, Charles Nutter, Tom Enebo and Nick Sieger on JRuby, and Kirk Haines on Ruby 1.8.6.

The future of Ruby, Rails and all things open source is looking bright; see you there!