Announcing Rails Dispatch!

At Engine Yard, we’re always looking for new and fun ways to give back and help grow the community. Most recently, we organized the Ruby Summer of Code, designed to help foster student participation in open source development. Today, as the next project on our long list, we’re launching


Rails Dispatch will provide timely releases of up-to-date educational content, in the form of blog posts, tutorial videos, screencasts and more. We’ll be working with Engine Yard and community developers to put together the resources, and aiming for weekly content pushes from now until RailsConf. Until then the bulk of the content, in the spirit of the times, will focus on Rails 3, and the changes and new features it brings. As the content library grows, we’ll also be releasing new, interactive elements and community resources, so you definitely want to hop off the RSS feed and on to the site every little bit to check out what’s new.

Check out today’s release for the technical details on how Rails 3 makes life better, and an update to the famous Rails ‘blog in 15 minutes’ screencast.

As always, leave your feedback here, and check out Rails Dispatch!