Announcement: Engine Yard Cloud Price Reductions

Today, we’re announcing new lower pricing on Small and Medium instances for Engine Yard Cloud. Small instances now cost $0.11 per hour (down from $0.145) and Medium instances now cost $0.20 per hour (down from $0.24). This means you can run a full-time 1 ECU, 1.7GB instance on Engine Yard Cloud for less than $80 per month or a powerful 5 ECU, 1.7GB instance for $144 per month.

We’re backdating this change to January 1st, so all usage in January so far will be billed at the new lower prices. [Happy New Year!]

We’re able to provide this new lower pricing because of a new capability from Amazon Web Services that allows us to group all our customer accounts into a single billing entity with Amazon. So, we’re now able to use a single virtual pool of reserved instance capacity from Amazon, and pass along these savings to customers. This means all of our customers get to reap the benefits of reserved instances without the need to pay the reserved instance costs up front. No other cloud platform provider has been as aggressive as us in slashing prices as our cost goes down.

We also recognize and are hearing your desire for explicit reserved instance pricing and are working hard to deliver it in the future.

We’ve been very happy with the continuing stream of customers choosing Engine Yard Cloud as their Rails deployment platform :-) We’re hard at work bringing you new features and services that take the busywork out of your lives and make our bells and whistles as easy to use as possible. Thanks for your continued patronage!