Updated Public Erlang AMI

I spent a bit of time this evening cleaning house on my S3 bucket and EC2 AMIs. I’ve de-published and removed my existing Erlang AMI. The Erlang build was quite old and not many people were using it.

I’ve put together a new AMI using Fedora 8 and the latest Erlang build (R12B-5 as of this writing). Erlang was built with --enable-threads, --enable-smp, --enable-hipe, and --enable-kernel-poll. SSL support is included, too.

It’s a 32 bit image for now, but if there’s interest I’ll build a 64 bit version of it too.

The AMI id of the image is ami-e8ba5d81. Searches for “hypotheticalabs” in Amazon’s AWS console should find it, too.

I’ll augment this image a bit with mochiweb and a few other handy libs. Looks for updates on that front soonish.

Note: Yes, Erlang was built from source. The Fedora — and Ubuntu for that matter — build of Erlang is quite old. I have a violent allergy to RPMs and didn’t feel like spending the hours it’d take to package things up properly.