Upcoming Shows; Sponsored by Engine Yard!

Here at Engine Yard we love to get out and meet the people; to talk to the customers, developers and entrepreneurs making the business and technical decisions about the web. As such, we travel a lot, attending Ruby and Rails shows around the world.

We’d love to meet you! Details on our full calendar can be found here, but here’s a peek into some of our favorite shows coming up:


February 6-7, Orlando, Florida

This will be our second year sponsoring acts_as_conference, and we’re excited to be back! This year’s roster is impressive, with talks by Engine Yard friends like Lew Cirne of New Relic and Jim Weirich of EdgeCase. Registration is open now, and seats are going fast!

Scotland on Rails

March 26-28, Edinburgh, Scotland

This will also be our second time sponsoring Scotland on Rails, and we’re just as excited! The show received widespread praise last year as one of the best regional Ruby shows around, and knowing the hard work that goes into it, it looks like it’s poised for another smashing success!

The speakers come from all around the world, including Jim Remsik of our friend and partner Hashrocket. Registration just opened, and the early-bird discount is available until February 8th!

Engine Yard’s Yehuda Katz will be presenting at both events, talking about developments related to the upcoming Rails/Merb merger, i.e. Rails3, and he’d love to meet you.

Feel free to email the events team if you need more information, or want to talk to us about your event.