Rails Roadshow Coming Home!

Earlier this month, the Engine Yard crew took a quick trip around the states, stopping in five different cities to talk about Rails Performance in the Cloud. We visited Boston, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles and Seattle, and met with a great crowd of technologists in each. We were joined by some of our favorite technology partners, who talked about cloud computing and their different performance-related products.

The Roadshow was a fantastic success; attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and on our end, it was great to get out and meet folks in their home cities. Our partners enjoyed meeting existing customers, and for those who weren’t customers, we were able to present a uniquely well-rounded view of the ecosystem.

On to the point: the Roadshow was so fantastic, that we decided we ought do it one more time—this time, here at home, in San Francisco. I’m happy to announce the sixth iteration of the Rails Performance in the Cloud Roadshow, set for Wednesday, December 2nd, bright and early in the day.

We’ll be hosting right here at Engine Yard Headquarters in the SOMA part of San Francisco, and will be joined by our partners at New Relic, Pivotal Labs, Soasta and CVSDude. We’ll go from 8:15 in the morning until noon, and of course, breakfast will be served.

Space is limited, so reserve your seat today!