Programming Contest Closed!

It’s 6pm, which means we’ve just closed the doors and accepted the final entries for the Engine Yard Programming Contest. It’s been a wild ride, and it sounds like a lot of folks had fun coming up with crafty and creative ways to get their entries. We had over 200 submissions, if you want to calculate your odds ;)

We’ll be announcing the winners soon, but in the meantime, we’re quite interested in the code you wrote… Folks have been tweeting and blogging about their tactics and machine power, and we want to learn more!

If you think you came up with a creative solution, email a link to your code to Include a little bit about yourself and your programming background, some info on your contest thought process, and if you’re not too shy, a headshot. We’ll feature the most creative solutions in a follow up blog post, and if you’re selected for that post, send you a nifty Engine Yard swag pack.

Thanks to everyone who participated – it’s been great!