October Events!

Another month, another batch of events to head out for! It’s been a busy month here at Engine Yard, with product announcements, moving and general growth, but we’ve still made time to travel the globe. These are the plans:

Aloha on Rails

October 5-6 | Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

The roster at Aloha on Rails looks fantastic, and we’ve got a number of familiar faces on the list. Jon Crosby will be walking through Engine Yard Cloud in glorious technical detail, and talking about general Ruby practices in an SOA environment. We’ve also got Ezra Zygmuntowicz talking about Key Value Stores and data, Yehuda Katz talking about the Rails 3 Public API, and on the other end of the spectrum, Corey Donohoe on the similarities between programming and Indie Hip Hop communities. Lastly, Charlie Nutter will be presenting on the history of the JRuby project and how it got where it is today.

Central PA Open Source Conference

October 17 | Harrisburg, PA

Engine Yard is sponsoring the 2009 Central PA Open Source Conference, billed as ‘the conference for all things Open Source.’ Unfortunately, we can’t make it out to Harrisburg, but shoot us a note afterwords if you do! Seems like it’ll be a great opportunity to get together and binge on open source.

The Strange Loop 2009

October 22-23 | St. Louis, MO

The Strange Loop conference features a varied list of topics, like Ruby, MongoDB, Hibernate, jQuery, Torquebox and more, from a variety of speakers and companies. Google, Twitter, RedHat, Terracotta and more have all got representatives on the roster, and Engine Yard’s Charles Nutter will be joining them, presenting on Ruby syntax and of course JRuby.

KungFu Rails

October 24 | Shanghai, China

Yehuda Katz will be in Shanghai, China for one day only, meeting with China’s best and brightest to talk about all things Ruby. The event is brought to you by the same folks running Shanghai on Rails, a Chinese non-profit devoting to promoting all things Ruby.


October 28-30 | Atlanta, GA

We haven’t been to Atlanta in a while, so we’re excited about no:sql(east)! Engine Yard will be represented by our very own John Hornbeck, who will be talking about MongoDB (Key-Value Stores are really all the rage these days! Check out our recent series of posts on the topic, including MongoDB).

RubyEnRails Amsterdam

October 30-31 | Amsterdam

This will be our first time in Amsterdam, and we’re excited to meet the locals! Yehuda Katz will be speaking about Rails 3 alongside fellow Rails Core Team member Jeremy Kemper, and a slew of local Rails folks. The event will be held at the University of Amsterdam and the schedule is shaping up really nicely!

Rails Performance Roadshow

October 26 - November 1 | 5 US cities

Lastly, and somewhat differently, is the Engine Yard Five City Rails Performance Roadshow! We’ll be in five cities (Chicago, Boston, Austin, LA and Seattle) with some of our favorite technology partners, like Amazon Web Services, New Relic, Soasta and more. We’ll be talking about all things performance, so if you’re running a production app that really needs to perform well (and don’t they all?), send the invite to your CTO or manager, or just show up yourself; we’d love to meet all of you.

As always, shoot us an email if you’ll be in any of these areas; we’d love to arrange a meetup, maybe grab dinner, and talk about all things Ruby and Rails. See you there!