New Release of Engine Yard Solo

We just pushed out a new release of Solo, our new Engine Yard on AWS platform. Here is a list of highlights:

  • Added Rack application support for both Nginx/Mongrel and Apache/Passenger stacks. This means you can easily deploy any rack based Ruby app including Sinatra, Ramaze, Mack or any other Ruby web app that uses rack as the web server interface.
  • Cleaned up some UI defects and added some nice icons and general UX improvements.
  • Multi application support improvements. You can now add an app to a running instance and hit the little gear icon to re-apply configuration changes. This will install any new gems or packages as well as setup any new apps you have added.
  • Added GitHub deploy keys, after you setup a new instance you will see a little golden key icon with a green arrow on it for each of your environments. Click this to grab your GitHub deploy key that you can paste into GitHub in order to deploy private repos.
  • Numerous bug fixes to our chef recipe set, including fixups for ssh keys and known_hosts permissions problems as well as fixes to our nginx recipes and updating passenger to the latest and greatest.
  • We also made sign ups completely automated. For the first week after launch we were manually allowing folks into the app in order to not get overwhelmed with new sign ups. We have removed this step from the sign up, so now if you go to you will be directed to a page where you can sign up and immediately use the app without having to wait for us to approve you.

Stay tuned here for more features as we push things out to bring this platform to new heights. We have many more cool things in the works to make this the easiest way to get a flexible, best practices, production Ruby deployment setup.