Flex Developer Webinar This Tuesday 7/21

Cloud Computing is looking like a pretty big advance for developers, and brings lots of potential for speeding up development, and simplifying app deployment and management. The Engine Yard Cloud brings all those benefits home for the Rails community. Back in January we announced the first release of our Cloud, Solo, and at RailsConf 2009, we stepped it up and previewed some of the features coming in our next release, Flex.

Flex has been in beta for a few weeks now, and the response has been great! People seem to like how easy it is deploy and manage their apps, as well as appreciate Flex’s built-in scalability and flexibility features. Almost as important, they love the sexy new features, like self-healing clusters, environment cloning and auto-deploying from Git – among others.

Over the last few weeks we’ve released a series of short video clips introducing folks to some of those features, but this Tuesday, July 21st we’re opening the doors for the grand tour.

So at 11am PDT this Tuesday, Engine Yard engineers Ezra Zygmuntowicz and Jon Crosby will be hosting an hour long webinar and Q&A session, walking folks through the entire feature set. The live demo will be a great way to familiarize yourself with the moving parts, and sort out which of your projects belong on Engine Yard Cloud. We hope you’ll join us!