Engine Yard Lowering Pricing for Rails in the Cloud*

In January of this year we announced the first product in our budding suite of cloud management solutions: Engine Yard Solo. Since then, there have been frequent feature pushes, and lots of communication with our customers. That communication included feedback, feature requests and some really good advice.

As a result of that great feedback (thanks!), we have another announcement to make – and we think this one might get you even more excited than the others…

As of today’s feature push, we’ve completed the first generation of features (and bug-fixes) for Engine Yard Solo! Since launching, we’ve added support for custom recipes, volume snapshots, crontab management and many other essential features for managing a business-quality rails site. We’ve also improved our user interface and added help guides to the Solo support site.

On to the shiny parts: Solo is ready for a broader audience, and to enable that, we’re lowering pricing significantly. What are the main changes, you ask?

New $25 Monthly Minimum

We know that once you try Solo, you’ll love it, so we want to make it a lot more accessible. Before today, the monthly minimum charge for Engine Yard Solo was $129; based on your feedback, we’ve lowered that minimum to $25.

New Lower Usage Pricing

Solo is a great solution for applications that need the resource of a larger sized instance, so we thought we’d lower your costs a bit. An XL instance used to be $1.42 per hour; now it’s $0.90 per hour. A standard instance used to be $0.18 per hour, now it’s $0.16 per hour. Existing customers will automatically inherit this new pricing starting today.

Engine Yard prides itself on being at the cutting edge of Ruby and Rails technologies. Our customers are headed to the cloud, and we’ll be there waiting with great products and the expertise they’ve come to rely on us for.

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface, so keep an eye out: there are even more exciting developments on the way!

*not an April Fools’ Day joke!