Engine Yard Announces New Cloud Offering!

It’s a beautiful day in San Francisco, and we’ve got some exciting new tech to go along with it – what more can you ask for?

Today we announced two key components to the Engine Yard Cloud strategy: Solo and Vertebra. Together, these offerings tackle the challenges of developing, deploying, managing, and securing large-scale applications for the cloud.

For two years Engine Yard has specialized in Ruby and Rails application deployment by providing premium deployment services for over 400 customers on in-house hardware. Engine Yard Solo now extends this expertise to companies of all sizes by offering their services for deploying applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Vertebra is the first complete, open platform for developing and managing secure cloud applications. Initially built to automate, scale, and manage customer applications running on Engine Yard’s own cloud, Vertebra has broadened into a powerful framework for building cloud-specific applications. Vertebra is an Open Source project, and we’re eager for new community contributions!

You can read more about these two offerings in the official announcement, or in the news:

Thanks to all those customers and community members who helped beta test both Solo and Vertebra; we couldn’t have done it without you!