Custom Chef Recipes with Engine Yard Solo

We just pushed a new release of Solo, our Rails in the cloud platform. This release is a big one and includes an exciting feature that we’ve been working on for a while. This release allows you to manage your own custom chef recipes in addition to our default set.

This means that anything we have not yet automated, you can automate yourself. Making Solo a fully programmable deployment platform capable of running pretty much anything you can imagine and cook up a chef recipe for.

This release also includes many bug fixes and ui tweaks and has a gem you can install to interact with Solo from the command line when you don’t want to go into the web interface.

Last week I forgot to blog but we also released a full cron job management interface you can see here:

Cron job management

And here is a screencast for getting started with custom chef recipes and Solo:

Getting Started with Custom Chef Recipes on Engine Yard Solo

We’ve settled into a nice schedule of development here and will be releasing new solo features every monday, so stay tuned for what’s next!