August Itineraries - See You There!

Somehow, August is upon us! The Engine Yard Cloud Flex Beta plan is out the door and doing really well, and we can barely keep up with all the great feedback our beta customers are sending our way. Things are just getting better and better every day!

That said… we’ve still set aside time to travel the world and spread the word. We’ve got talks on Rails 3, but of course, along with the Engine Yard Cloud, functional programming with Ruby, and a slew of other things. We’ll be all over the map, so check out the list and stop by to say hello when we’re in your neck of the woods.

Oxente Rails

August 7-8 | Natal, Brazil

Yehuda Katz will be on hand talking about Rails 3. Should be a good talk, albeit… not in Portuguese :P


August 7-9 | Columbus, OH

Be sure to catch Charlie Nutter’s talk on Enterprise JRuby; learn about how the project started and where it’s going, complete with demos and case studies.

Randall Thomas will also be there, talking about Functional Programming and Ruby. Randall has the pleasure of getting the first slot Sunday morning, following the Engine Yard sponsored Saturday evening event. So, yes: we fully expect you to hang out with us all evening, and then wake up bright and early for more Engine Yard goodness the next morning. It’ll be well worth it, and who needs sleep anyway?


August 20-21 | Amelia Island, FL

Our partners over at Hashrocket are gathering 75 of the top RoR entrepreneurs, founders and consultants for a weekend in the lap of luxury on the beautiful Amelia Island. The Engine Yard crew will be all over it, with Randall Thomas on the speakers list, and others in the audience. Should be a great opportunity for networking and brainstorming.

Software Craftsmanship North America

August 26 | Chicago, IL

Engine Yard’s Dave Astels will be talking about how to stay technical throughout your career; he’s here, and after twenty years or so he’s still a hardcore engineer, so we can vouch for that. Dave is the resident expert on agile programming practices and Cucumber testing - should be a great chance to pick his brain.

LoneStar RubyConf

August 27-29 | Austin, TX

We’re alll about LoneStar! For one thing, it’s attended by Matz. For another, there’ll be so many of us there, we can’t help but be fans ;) Be sure to check out any and all of the Engine Yard talks:

  • Rails 3 Deep Dive Yehuda Katz and Carl Lerche
  • Dataflow Larry Diehl
  • Walking in the Clouds Grant Schofield
  • Thinking Simple Corey Donohoe

Ruby Hoedown

August 28-29 | Nashville, TN

Corey Donohoe will be stopping in at Hoedown to talk about the techniques Engine Yard uses to keep things simple before hopping over to LoneStar. Be sure to catch him at one or the other, and don’t mind the no-doubt dreadful jetlag :D

As always, we’d love to meet you and your team while we’re out on the road; email and we’ll grab drinks together – see you out there!