Announcing the Rails Performance in the Cloud Roadshow!

As always, we’ve been busy busy busy at Engine Yard!

While the engineers have been working on code, and the support guys have been helping customers, the rest of us have been hard at work behind the scenes too. We’ve been brainstorming about different ways to get out there and help businesses build and maintain top-performing Rails applications. We’ve also been planning ways to continue evangelizing the Ruby projects and products we love to the Ruby community, and the programming community at large.

To that end, we’re announcing the upcoming Rails Performance in the Cloud Roadshow. Everyone loves a good tech talk, but it’s not always possible to get out to wherever they happen to be. To make it more convenient for you, we’ve decided to bring this particular event to five different cities, in the hopes that something works for everyone.

On to the pitch: we’ll be visiting five cities at the end of October to talk about Rails Performance in the Cloud. We’ll be covering scalable cloud architecture, end-user performance monitoring tools, scaling, load testing, and a slew of other relevant Rails and Cloud tech topics. Registration is free, the program goes from morning to noon, and we’ll be serving a great breakfast in each city as incentive to get you out bright and early. The schedule:

Boston, Massachusetts October 26

Chicago, Illinois October 27

Austin, Texas October 29

Los Angeles, California October 30

Seattle, Washington November 2

To help deliver solid and well-rounded content, we’ll be joined by some of our technology partners: Amazon Web Services, New Relic, Soasta, CVSDude and others to be announced. They’ll each have a slot in the schedule to talk about their specific area of expertise; when tied together, we’ll all paint a strong picture of the proper way to build, maintain and monitor Rails applications in the cloud.

We’d love for you to join us, and to pass this invitation along to your friends and clients. The talks will be technology and architecture oriented, so if you are a developer interested in architecture, manage an application development team, or are an architect or CTO, we’re talking to you. You’ll learn some tips and tricks building and improving your application architecture, and get direction on the tools and solutions your business may want to consider to make it all happen smoothly and cost-effectively. Hopefully, with five cities across the country, there’s a spot for everyone.

Registration is open now at - sign up today!