Waterfalls & Workflow: the Rubinius Sprint in Portland

Engine Yard’s latest Rubinius sprint in Portland, Oregon was a highly successful endeavor for the team. Evan Phoenix, Eric Hodel, Brian Ford, Ryan Davis, and Wilson Bilkovich, moved forward in getting the new C++ VM loading the kernel, and getting the compiler working with ruby_parser. Hacking away for nearly a week, the team worked hard and produced some amazing results.

Another major focus of the sprint was team workflow and communication. The sprint was a great opportunity for the team to get together and work face-to-face, bounce a few ideas off of each other, eat too much junk food, tell a few jokes… oh, and get a lot of work done too.

To celebrate their success, the group went on a hike up to the beautiful and legendary Multnomah Falls, followed by a stroll through the Japanese gardens. Great work, guys!