Rubinius CPP Work Branch Change

I’m super happy to announce that we’ve gotten the C++ branch stable enough that we’re making it the default branch. This means that those of you with existing clones are going to likely do a little work to get them sane though.

Here is what was done:

  • The old master branch was renamed shotgun.
  • The cpp branch was copied to the name master.
  • The cpp branch was then deleted.

Anyone that has up to now been working on the cpp branch has a couple of options.

  1. Delete your clone and re-clone. This is the easiest. The default checkout will be code in the cpp branch and you’re off and going.
  2. Fix up your current repo. I did this by doing the following commands:

    • git checkout master
    • git reset --hard origin/master
    • git branch -d cpp
  3. This will get your local master branch repointed and properly checked out. In addition, the old cpp local branch can be deleted.

Hopefully no one experiences much pain due to this change. It’s been a long time coming and I’m really excited.

If you do run into problems, post a comment or stop on by IRC and we’ll work it out for you.