RailsConf Recap

2008 Portland Railsconf went really well!

Live interaction with people is always the best way to learn what we’re doing well and what we can improve. We literally met hundreds of people over 2 days at our booth.

Last year, we brought a half-cluster to show people. This year, we had to bring a full one :-). 500+ virtual machines, hundreds of disks, running in the middle of our booth!

Ezra, Evan, Wilson, Brian, Yehuda, Jamie, and maybe others (sorry if I forgot anyone!) gave presentations on various topics, such as Rubinius, Merb, and hosting Rails apps.

One of the pics below is of Ezra’s and Jamie’s talk earlier today about Vertebra (our cloud management system; here’s Ezra’s presentation from Railsconf) and Engine Yard Express (our VM image of an Engine Yard slice that you can run on your laptop!).

Of course, we made time to mingle after hours :-), as shown in the 4th pic, taken at Rogue Ale & Public House in Portland.

For more details, follow the links above for each topic, or check out some of our guys’ blogs: Jayson, Evan, Ezra, and Jamie.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and thanks to all our customers for making Engine Yard possible!