Merb Milestones and Events!

We’ve all been following the impressive progress of Merb this year, and true to the team’s word, they’ve recently made some big announcements.

MerbCamp 2008, the first ever gathering of the Merb community, is scheduled for October 11 - 12 in sunny San Diego, California. The schedule features talks by leading community members, like Yehuda “wycats” Katz and Daniel “hassox” Neighman, as well as Merb’s creator, Ezra “ezmobius” Zygmuntowicz.

Members of the team will be gathering in San Diego starting October 8 for a March to 1.0 Sprint, with a focus on finishing touches and documentation. Merb 1.0 is scheduled for release at MerbCamp.

MerbCamp is shaping up to be a great show, with excellent talks, tech-comfy facilities and relaxed and enjoyable after-hours beachfront entertainment. If you’re still on the fence about going, perhaps a free pass will help push you over the edge…

If you were Merb, what would your favorite color be? Email, Subject: MerbCamp Pass, and the first correct answer gets in. And I’ll work on the question a bit more next time ;)

I’ll be there, along with several members of the Engine Yard team - be sure and stop by our table to say hello!


The MerbCamp pass has been awarded! Congratulations to Nick Hammond of Off Madison Ave; the answer, of course, was Green.

Stay tuned for future news and giveaways!