Describing the Engine Yard Service Philosophy

When it comes to hardware, it is easy to understand what you are getting with a hosting provider. Bits, bytes, RAM, and disk-space are just a few of the elements that one considers in an apples to apples comparison of one hosting company versus another. Service, however, can be harder to compare. At Engine Yard we try and remove the pain from Ruby and Rails application administration. Describing in concrete terms what those pains are can be a challenge. Thankfully, Rick Olson provides a great blog post giving a peek at the service that Engine Yard provides behind each slice.

Recently some of our dedicated support staff helped Rick and the guys over at Active Reload fix a problem that they were having with one of our favorite Issue Tracking applications, Lighthouse

“I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m pretty sure we squashed the nasty ‘white-screen of death’ in Lighthouse. It turns out it had to do with the way I had things configured on the server. The great folks at Engine Yard helped me track down the error message after pouring through a bunch of log files, calling strace on processes, etc. It’s been fixed, so things should keep running smoothly now.”

Rick and company, thank you for the kind words.