Ruby & Rails at Really Big Companies

We’re happy to see Ruby and Rails reaching into larger and larger companies to do larger and larger things.

The pics here show Tom and me at a secret client in the huge media space. They are doing something very cool with Rails. They had Tom on-site last week to help with architecture planning, and they’re taking 3 of our best Rails folks from Quality Humans, Inc. to help develop their service over the next few months.

This coming week, Ezra will be in San Jose, working with one of the world’s best-known consumer web companies to help with architecture planning for an internal Rails initiative.

And next month, Tom will be in Chicago, helping a very well-established media conglomerate with Rails architecture planning. This discussion includes the potential use of an Engine Yard cluster as an off-site recovery system for this company.

We’re very happy to work with these companies, and we’re even happier to see Ruby and Rails becoming more “established” after early years of some distrust by larger companies.

BTW, I said Ruby and Rails on purpose here, since we see interest from some quarters to focus on Ruby for specific tasks. For instance, we’re seeing Ruby interest from investment banks.